Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your last molars, the wisdom teeth, can often cause trouble once they finally arrive. Most people receive their wisdom teeth in their late teen or early twenties, filling the final spots on the upper and lower sets of teeth. If these late molars do not emerge correctly or press against the other teeth, they can cause issues with your oral health. In some cases, it is better to seek dental treatment to have these molars removed to protect existing teeth and your health.

While many people get their wisdom teeth without issues, others are not as lucky. Those with smaller jaws may have little room left for these large molars, which can cause a shift in teeth to make room. This can cause misalignment of the teeth, undoing expensive orthodontic treatments. Others may have wisdom teeth that become impacted in the gums, not emerge at all or grow the wrong direction. Even if wisdom teeth come in without a problem, they are difficult to keep clean and often are subject to decay and other issues. Removal can be the best solution to protect your oral health.

Gentle Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Our team at Clover Smile Studio offers gentle wisdom tooth extraction if it is determined this is the best option for you or your teen’s oral health. When wisdom teeth are removed, all four are often removed at once, or two at a time. We have comfortable, relaxing treatment rooms for the procedure, with sedation available to help patients relieve stress or anxiety. Before you know it, the teeth are removed, and you can rest at home while your mouth heals from the procedure. We make sure you have instructions to keep any discomfort at a minimum and ensure you recover quickly from your oral surgery.

No one wants to undergo tooth removal, but wisdom teeth can often pose a serious risk to your oral health. If you have wisdom teeth that are causing you problems or you have a teenager that will be receiving their last molars soon, contact our office and come see us at Clover Smile Studio. We can help determine if removing your wisdom teeth is the best solution.

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