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What Common Tongue Diseases Are There?

The tongue is one of the most important muscles in the body, which means that you should always keep it in optimal condition. It is our responsibility to talk to you about the most common diseases of the tongue and its treatments.

Below we will mention some of the diseases that may present your tongue and its main symptoms:


This disorder manifests itself through the appearance of white spots on the surface of the tongue and sometimes on the inside of the cheeks. It could cause pain and cause discomfort.

Some of the causes of this disease are excessive consumption of tobacco and alcohol, biting your tongue compulsively or rubbing it against your dentures. That is why it is necessary that the implant treatment be carried out by a specialist in the area.

In most cases, eliminating the source that causes the irritation will be enough to start improving the health status of your tongue. Although we recommend visiting your dentist.

Oral Candidiasis

It is an infection caused by a fungus called candida. This is characterized by the appearance of large white patches in various areas of the mouth such as the tongue and gums. Under the white spots, redness of the area and then bleeding may occur. Candida fungus is found naturally in your mouth, but the immune system does not allow it to spread. If this presents weakness is that the infection arises. This disease is very common in people with immune system deficiencies and in babies. It is also contagious, so take forecasts.

Lichen Planus Oral

This is a non-infectious disease that mainly affects the oral mucosa. It is chronic in nature so it can appear and disappear occasionally. It consists of the appearance of a rash on the tongue that causes itching. This part is very sensitive and can cause pain. If the ulcers are not treated quickly, they will spread throughout the surface.

Geographical Tongue

This condition manifests with the appearance of cracks, as well as red and white spots on the tongue. Its name is due to the way these spots take, they are similar to those of a map. This is one of the most common diseases of the tongue, it is mainly caused by the deficit of some vitamin, stress, anxiety, genetic predisposition, hormonal changes among others. It is common for symptoms to disappear naturally. However, to help them heal faster, it is necessary that you have good oral hygiene and avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

Cracked tongue

It is also known as scrotal language. It is when you see cracks in the upper part of the tongue. These fissures can extend to the side parts. But in general terms it is not a serious disease, it only affects the aesthetics of the organ. It rarely causes great discomfort, although if you have this condition you will be more likely to have bad breath. 

Black and hairy tongue

This disorder is caused by an accumulation of dead cells in the taste buds of the tongue. This gives it a dark color and a hairy appearance that is very unpleasant and striking. In addition to that, it does not cause major discomfort. It is a temporary state that is cured with an exhaustive hygiene of the mouth and teeth. It is convenient that you limit the consumption of black drinks and alcohol.

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