Tooth Pain Relief

Pain is your body’s way of letting you know something is wrong. When you have consistent tooth or jaw pain, it is not something to be ignored. If a tooth is hurting for days on end, the nerves in the center of the tooth are being affected. With ongoing jaw pain, it is often related to dental problems or stress on the joint. At Clover Smile Studio, we want our patients to let us know if they are experiencing unusual oral pain. We can often see you the same day and quickly determine the issue and offer a dental treatment solution.

Tooth pain can be caused by several different issues, but most involve irritation of the inner tooth. A crack, decay or infection that reaches the pulp or nerves in the tooth canals, can cause pain and sensitivity. Many times, this can be quickly fixed by removing the decay or repairing the damaged tooth. In more serious situations with deep infection, the tooth may need root canal therapy. However, whatever the problem, the pain is unlikely to go away on its own. The tooth will deteriorate further if the issue is not resolved.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

When your jaw hurts on a consistent basis, it is usually due to stress on the jaw joints and the tendons and muscles in the jaw. You may have TMD, a disorder that affects the jaw. Often TMD and general jaw pain are caused due to misalignment of the teeth. A missing tooth, crooked teeth or teeth grinding (bruxism) are common causes of jaw pain that can be relieved with a trip to our office. We can replace missing teeth, offer orthodontic treatment for misalignments and provide treatments for bruxism to reduce pressure on the teeth and jaw.

The next time you or a family member are experiencing jaw or tooth pain, contact Clover Smile Studio right away. We will get you a prompt appointment with one of our dentists to get relief and repair the dental problem.

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