Tooth Extractions

Learning you need a tooth removed is never happy news. While our team at Clover Smile Studio will always do everything to save a tooth, there are times when a tooth must be extracted for the overall health of our patients. Tooth removal does not need to be a stressful or painful experience. We offer this general dentistry treatment in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere with caring dental professionals to ensure the procedure goes smoothly and without added stress for our patients.

Overall, removing a tooth is usually a fast and virtually painless procedure. Most tooth extractions are completed quickly, without any complications. The tooth and surrounding tissue is numbed, and the tooth is removed without pain. Sedation is not needed, but it is available. Some of our patients have anxiety about the procedure and prefer sedation to help them relax during the extraction. Our dentist will go over the options before we schedule your tooth removal appointment.

Gentle Tooth Removal

Our team always has your comfort in mind when you come to us for your dental care. Tooth extractions tend to spur the most anxiety. This is even though there is little to fear when completed by compassionate dental professionals, like our team at Clover Smile Studio. We offer a comfortable environment with blankets, pillows, flat screen TVs and other amenities to help you relax. Plus, we provide sedation options if you have anxiety about the procedure. We will also go over the best options to help you recover quickly with very little discomfort after your tooth removal. Before you know it, your tooth extraction will be done, and you will be on your way to a complete recovery.

If you need a tooth removed for any reason, you can trust our caring team at Clover Smile Studio to ensure it is performed gently and with as little stress as possible. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about sedation options and what to expect during your tooth extraction procedure.

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