Safe and Simple Ways to Whiten the Teeth – Austin, TX

Do famous people look good because they are famous, or are they famous because they look good? While there are probably different answers to this question, one thing is for sure; even regular people can have attractive and good looking smiles. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry!

In the age where more and more people want to achieve pearly whites like their favorite celebrities, various brands, kits, and techniques have emerged to promote outstanding results. But is it really effective, worth it, or safe?

While the popularity of teeth whitening procedure is continuously increasing, some people are still hesitant or even confused about the most effective type to use.

Moreover, there are also other safe and simple ways to whiten the teeth. Here is a list of tips to make the teeth whiter and healthier.

  • Foods and beverages with intense colors that can discolor clothes also do the same thing with teeth. Like the skin or a sponge, the teeth have pores that can absorb stains over time making it appear darker than it usually is. Avoiding the excessive consumption of these substances can lower the risks of discolorations.
  • Practicing proper dental hygiene practices at home can serve as the first line of defense against teeth yellowing. Using oral whitening products like toothpaste can get rid of surface stains.
  • Avoid the excessive intake of sugary and acidic foods as these can wear the enamel. If this occurs, it would little by little expose the dentin that is naturally grayish or yellowish.
  • While some foods can stain the teeth, there are others that can help maintain a bright white smile like certain fruits and vegetables.
  • Many whitening products are now readily available, but dentists do not recommend the use of some. They believe that it can cause more damage than good since it was not carefully prepared for each specific patients. Fortunately, there is one procedure that is proven safe, comfortable, and effective in providing whiter teeth. Professional teeth whitening from Clover Smile Studio, with the use of Zoom, is guaranteed to deliver favorable results.

The Zoom! Whitening system we perform is sure to provide up to eight shades whiter teeth and can be completed in a single visit that can last around an hour.


Give your smile a quick boost! Book an appointment with us at Clover Smile Studio and check out our Teeth Whitening service in Austin, TX under our cosmetic dental treatments. We are located at 16009 FM 1325 Suite 200 Austin TX 78728.

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