Patients with Disabilities

Patients with Disabilities

So you are a Patient with a Disability in need of care?

If you have a disability or will be bringing someone into our office who has a disability, you may be wondering how they will be able to receive their care. Our office is designed to work with all patients of varying ages and needs. Our goal is to provide patients with a comfortable, relaxing experience in our office while treatment is being offered. We work with patients who have disabilities every single day and are equipped to handle the needs of most people visiting us.

What are the dental options concerning Patients with Disabilities?

We offer sedation options for those who have disabilities that make it difficult to sit still in the dental chair. If you have a disability that requires special seating or accommodations, we will be able to offer this to you while you’re in our office. With the help of a consultation, we will work to make your appointments with us comfortable and enjoyable. We can work with children who have disabilities as well.

What are the benefits of customized care for Patients with Disabilities?

People who have disabilities may forgo routine dental treatment because they aren’t sure if they will be able to have it done. By customizing their care, patients are able to come in more regularly for the dental care and treatment that they need. We work with many different patients and can ensure that your visit with us is rewarding and noninvasive. You can always feel comfortable coming to us for care no matter the situation.

What can you expect when visiting the office as a Patient with a Disability?

We will first consult with you regarding special accommodations that need to be made prior to treatment. If sedation is necessary, this will be administered prior to treatment itself. Our staff takes great strides in making your appointment as comfortable as possible. In some cases, you may need to come back to finish work as needed. You will benefit from routine dental care that is customized specifically to your medical needs. We can work with parents and guardians who are bringing in their loved ones for dental care.

If you have a disability or will be bringing a relative or friend in who has a disability, call our office and we can help answer any questions you have regarding treatment.