What is Nitrous?

Nitrous is a type of anesthetic that is used for many dental patients. Often referred to as laughing gas, nitrous oxide puts patients into a partially dissociative state that allows them to receive dental care comfortably and effectively. It is safely administered and can be used on patients of all ages and varying needs. In fact, it is especially beneficial for patients who have special needs or smaller children who are having difficulties receiving treatment.

Why would you need Nitrous?

Nitrous can be used to put you into a calmer, more relaxed state while having work done. Many people are nervous of the dental office and tend to forgo treatment because of this fear. When you have nitrous oxide, you’re put into a relaxed state that allows you to still be slightly aware of your surroundings without truly understanding what’s going on. The sedation is provided easily and safely in our office and is available upon request.

What makes you a good candidate for Nitrous?

You have to be healthy enough to undergo nitrous oxide sedation. Because the gas is customized to each individual patient, it is safe and highly effective. It can even be administered to children who are coming into our office for treatment. It is important that you have someone bring you home after having nitrous oxide in our office.

What can you expect when receiving Nitrous?

You will come into our office and be seated comfortably. We will administer nitrous oxide through a tube that is attached to a nose mask. The nose mask is placed over your nose and the gas released into your system. You will begin to feel calm, comfortable and slightly dissociated. In some cases, nitrous oxide can produce hallucinations, but this is more common in children. Treatment will be done while you’re under sedation and the effects will wear off shortly after the work has been completed.

If you’re interested in nitrous oxide sedation, call our office today and we will be happy to help answer any of your questions.