What exactly are Dentures?

Dentures help to enhance your smile and fill in areas where teeth are missing. Partial dentures are removable appliances that only contain teeth that are missing on one or both arches. Full dentures are an entire plate of false teeth that help to build your smile and create a youthful appearance. Dentures can last for up to seven years with proper care and hygiene.

Why would you need Dentures?

You may need dentures if you’re missing some or all of your teeth. In some cases, teeth that are severely decayed or loose due to periodontal disease may need to be removed before the denture can be made for you to wear. Dentures are removable appliances, but implant-supported dentures are able for a more secure-fitting grip. You will enjoy the benefits of wearing a denture if you’ve been feeling badly about your appearance and smile.

What makes you a candidate for Dentures?

Most people who need a denture are able to have them made. Other than implant-supported dentures, these appliances require absolutely no surgery and are easy to make. The dentures are matched to your mouth and existing dentition for a natural look. You can benefit from your entire smile and face looking youthful due to wearing new dentures.

What should you expect when having Dentures made?

You’ll come into the office and have impressions taken of your gum tissue and surrounding teeth. The impressions are used by lab technicians to create the actual denture appliance to your unique specifications. The denture is sent back to our office where we’ll fit it correctly to your mouth. It’s not uncommon for you to need to have several adjustments made before the denture fits comfortably. It is important to take good care of your denture by soaking it and cleaning it nightly. This prolongs its life span and ensures that it smells fresh and looks great.

If you need dentures or are looking to replace an older plate, call our office today and we can work to get you scheduled with an appointment.