Custom Night Guards

Custom Night Guards

What are Custom Night Guards?

Custom night guards can be used to put an end to bruxism, or tooth grinding, as well as snoring. These guards are made from BPA-free materials that are comfortable and custom fitted. They can last a long time and provide effective relief of a variety of conditions. The custom night guards can be worn by adults, teens and children alike.

Why would you need or want Custom Night Guards?

Most often, a night guard is necessary if you suffer from bruxism. Bruxism involves incessant grinding of your teeth, most often done at night when you’re not even aware you’re doing it. If you wake up with tooth or jaw pain as well as headaches and migraines, there’s a chance that you grind your teeth at night. Likewise, a night guard can be used to stop snoring. These guards are often called mandibular advancements appliances.

What makes you a good candidate for Custom Night Guards?

To determine if you’re a good candidate for a custom night guard, you’ll need to have an exam and consultation with our doctor. Most often, we can tell if you suffer from bruxism because of the shape of your teeth. People who grind their teeth tend to have flatter-looking teeth than a person who does not grind their teeth. A custom night guard can protect your teeth and keep them from being damaged further.

What can you expect when having Custom Night Guards made for you?

The process to create your custom night guard is easy and quick. We’ll take dental impressions of your mouth and send them off so that a professional creates the guard for you. You’ll come back in to have the guard put into place. Small adjustments may be necessary to make it comfortable for you. You will need to keep the appliance in your mouth at all times during the night for it to work effectively. A new night guard can be made for you if you notice it begins to show signs of disrepair.

If you are interested in custom night guards or want to know more about the benefits of wearing one, call our office today and our staff members can better assist you.