Chipped Tooth Repair

Chipped Tooth Repair

What is Chipped Tooth Repair?

It’s not uncommon for a person to chip their teeth when playing close contact sports, rough-housing with friends and family or while eating or biting into foods. Chips can happen in a variety of ways and for a range of different reasons. The key to preventing the chip from affecting your smile or causing issues with sensitivity is to repair the tooth. This can be done with the help of professional dental bonding.

Why might you need Chipped Tooth Repair?

If you ignore a tooth that has been chipped, you may find that it takes away from the aesthetic beauty of your smile. You may not like the way that your teeth look anymore because of the chip. You may even find that the chip causes your tooth to be more sensitive, making it difficult to eat or drink the things that you love. To determine if you need to have a chipped tooth repair, come into our office and our doctor can perform an examination.

What makes you a good candidate for Chipped Tooth Repair?

Most people who have chips in their teeth can effectively get them repaired. With dental bonding, little to no anesthetic is even required. The procedure is done quickly and easily, providing you with a beautiful and full tooth. This restores the integrity of the tooth, making it more structurally sound. If you’ve recently chipped your tooth, an exam is necessary to ensure that the inner pulp wasn’t exposed.

What can you expect with Chipped Tooth Repair?

When you come into our office, we will start by examining the tooth. Dental bonding is typically used to repair small cracks and chips in front teeth. The tooth is prepared for the bonding material. The composite is then placed over the tooth and smoothed out to make it look more realistic. The material is then cured and hardened into place. Dental bonding can last for up to a decade, so you’ll have a fresh smile that looks great despite having had a chip in one of your front teeth.

If you have a chipped tooth that is in need of repair, call us today and we’ll work to get you in to be seen right away.