Oral Cancer Screening

At Clover Smile Studio, we care about your health and want to help you get the best general dental care available. Preventive checkups can help identify tooth or gum problems that can impact your smile, but they can also protect your overall health. We offer oral cancer screenings that can detect signs of oral cancer in the earliest stages, helping you get treatment sooner that can save your life.

Per the Oral Cancer Foundation, it is estimated that one American dies every hour from oral cancer. This form of cancer can evolve quietly, without any symptoms, making it deadly. While treatable in the early stages, it is often not detected until it has progressed and spread. However, there are signs that can be caught with professional screenings, giving victims of oral cancer the opportunity to seek treatment as soon as possible, increasing their chances of recovery.

Identify Mouth Cancer Early

As part of your routine dental checkups at Clover Smile Studio, you can choose to have an oral cancer screening included. Our dentists use specialized technology that can reveal even the slightest changes in the tissues of the mouth, even those not visible to the naked eye. Plus, your dentist will check for any other signs, such as lumps or white or red spots in the oral tissues or throat. Undergoing routine screenings is your best chance for catching oral cancers early and improving your options for treating this disease.

Clover Smile Studio offers a wide variety of dental services to protect your oral health and smile. If you are looking for a quality family dentist in the Austin area, we are welcoming new patients. We offer general, cosmetic, sedation and restorative dentistry, with a focus on prevention, including oral cancer screenings. Contact our team today to schedule your first visit, and become part of our dental family.

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