Children’s Dentistry

Your child’s smile can light up a room, especially when it is kept healthy through routine dental care. Our team at Clover Smile Studio consider it an honor to care for the many growing smiles that come through our door, helping them achieve excellent dental health. We have created an atmosphere to ensure our littlest patients enjoy their visits to our office. This is while we help them protect their valuable smiles as they grow into adulthood.

Children’s teeth require special care. Kids are more likely to get cavities, which can impact the structure and health of their teeth. Plus, it is vital to monitor the growth of their baby and permanent teeth to ensure they are not in jeopardy of any issues. We welcome parents and their kids to become part of our dental family. Our practice offers specialized care and a kid-friendly environment to help all our young patients obtain healthy, beautiful smiles.

We Love Your Kids!

Most adults that have dental anxiety had poor dental experiences as a child. At Clover Smile Studio, we want to make sure your child has only good experiences surrounding caring for their teeth. We have a fun, friendly environment for kids with a children’s play area, video games, flat screen TVs and more. Plus, our team of patient and caring dental professionals are experts at helping make kids feel comfortable during their visits. Our goal is to protect the health of your child’s smile and creating a positive association with dental care that can help foster good oral habits into adulthood.

If you are looking for a quality children’s dentist in the Austin area, come visit us at Clover Smile Studio. We welcome kids and their families with convenient family block appointments, financing options, easy insurance claims and extended hours. Contact our office today to schedule your child’s next checkup.

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