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How Do I Treat Teeth Grinding?

Some people may grind their teeth when they are anxious, angry, or if you don’t get enough sleep. However, regular teeth grinding can be harmful for the health of your teeth! This article explores what teeth grinding is, its causes, and how you can treat teeth grinding 

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding (also known as ‘Bruxism’ which means ‘gnashing of teeth’) refers to the condition when a person continuously clenches or grinds his teeth. This often occurs while a person is sleeping, but it can also happen anytime during the day, and the person would not even know that he is doing it.

All of us grind our teeth when we are anxious or angry such as when we don’t get enough sleep. But doing it on a regular basis can be harmful or health of your teeth.

Teeth grinding occurs in both men and women equally. When you are sleeping, your brain goes into a state where it is semi-resting but active enough to notice alarming situations such as noticing the sound of a siren. This is known as a disturbance reflect, and it mostly experienced by the people who have difficulties breathing while sleeping.

When you are disturbed in sleep from alarming noises, your brain gets to decide whether to send a signal to wake you up or avoid them completely. Bruxing occurs at the moment of arousal from a deep sleep. There are chances that teeth grinding occurs as a side effect of certain medications. These can be medications to treat depression, schizophrenia, a developmental disorder.

Why Is It Dangerous?

Teeth grinding can lead to several problems such as muscular pain, loss of a tooth, gum recession, headaches, sensitive teeth, damaged or cracked teeth, and it can damage the bone structure of the jaw joint. It can even result in facial changes. There are chances of developmental issues in children who grind teeth because of difficulty in breathing.

Causes of Teeth Grinding

There are several theories on what causes a person to grind his teeth, yet no apparent reason has been found. Breathing airway problems can be linked to teeth grinding to some extent. Other suspected issues involve sleep apnea, dental surgery that changed jaw position, tooth position, trauma, an abnormal bite, development, and emotional problems.

How to Treat Teeth Grinding?

A study suggested that teeth grinding occurs due to breathing airway problems as teeth grinding mostly occurs at nights. If it proves to be the leading cause, then it can be eliminated by offering treatment to the airway. Teeth grinding have many situations, and they all are managed uniquely, but dentists usually recommend to fit mouthguard. Wearing a mouth guard while sleeping protects the teeth from damage done by grinding. Other treatments include postural modifications, medications, dietary changes, surgery, tooth adjustment, emotional therapy, injections.

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