Facts About the Special Gas in Dentistry – Nitrous Oxide in Austin, TX

Although the fear and anxiety felt by dental patients is common, it can sometimes become unhealthy. Some tend to avoid dental visits thinking that over the counter medications are sufficient in taking care of their oral problems. They may feel relief after taking pain medicines, but its effects are only temporary. Thankfully, a solution in the form of sedation dentistry is made available to help patients overcome their dental fears and anxiety.

At Clover Smile Studio, we are not only committed to providing quality dental care, but we also ensure that our patients’ safety and comfort is prioritized. Our dental office offers sedation dentistry services – the oral conscious sedation and the nitrous oxide. These Sedation options relieve patients from dental anxiety and other discomforts.

Nitrous oxide has been around for years; however, not everyone realizes its potential in making patients feel at ease during dental procedures. Commonly known as laughing gas, it is a type of sedation administered through inhalation with the help of a mask worn over the nose. So for those who are curious about this vital gas in the field of dentistry, here are some facts you need to know about it!

  • Nitrous oxide is proven safe for anyone at any age since, during its administration, nitrous gas is mixed with oxygen.
  • It was referred to as laughing gas due to the euphoric feeling it gives out when killing the pain. Some patients who are under its influence even get giggles.
  • Before Nitrous oxide was introduced in medicine, it was first used in entertainment presentations.
  • Humphry Davy discovered it in the year 1772. For Davy to get results during its experimentation, he used the gas to himself.
  • The common sensations experienced by patients under laughing gas are vibrations, warmth, happiness, throbbings, and sleepiness.
  • The effects of laughing gas activate in a few minutes, and it can also disappear as quickly. As soon as the patient inhales regular air, any of its traces gradually fades.


If you are now ready to chase away your dental fears and anxiety to undergo necessary dental procedures, book a consultation with us at Clover Smile Studio! Aside from nitrous oxide we also offer oral conscious sedation under our Sedation Dentistry options in Austin, TX.

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