Teeth Bonding

When a tooth needs repair, either from damage or for cosmetic purposes, the general dental treatment known as dental bonding can be a quick and durable solution. Teeth bonding uses a special dental resin that can replace missing tooth material or change the shape of the tooth. This pliable material can be easily shaped, then cured, closing cracks or repairing chips, blending in with the color of the tooth. Our team at Clover Smile Studio offers professional teeth bonding for fast repairs on damaged teeth.

Bonding is comparable to fillings but is used on the outside of teeth. The bonding resin is a soft putty material that is usually made from plastics and glass, easily applied to the tooth and shaped as needed. Once in place, it can be hardened quickly, creating a durable new tooth surface. The repair can be sanded and smoothed to blend the repair with the tooth surface, making it almost invisible. Bonding resin comes in several shades of white, helping to conceal it once it is in place.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Dental bonding can be used for repairs and cosmetic purposes to add tooth material. Whether you are covering a crack or chip, or changing the shape of a tooth for cosmetic reasons, the procedure works the same way. Cosmetic dental bonding can be an affordable option for hiding gaps in teeth, covering discolorations or changing the overall shape of front teeth. It can be completed in one visit, making it faster than most dental veneers, and it tends to be much lower in cost.

At Clover Smile Studio, we are happy to provide options for tooth repairs that are durable and help maintain a beautiful smile. If you are interested in dental bonding to fix your smile, contact us at our office in Austin. We accept several different insurance plans and have payment options available.

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