What Causes a Chipped Tooth? – Austin, TX

No matter how strong the enamel is – the most durable substance in the human body – it is still not exempted to injury and damage. Factors like teeth grinding, accidents, and even aging can result in worn out enamel. In return, the tooth will be more prone to misshape and chip. To know more about the causes of a chipped tooth, we at Clover Smile Studio listed some of them below:

  • It is already obvious that bad habits can undeniably put the oral health at great risk. If you are guilty of using your teeth on some purposes other than chewing or munching foods, you are more likely to get a chipped tooth.
  • To keep the teeth in good shape, you must be careful about what to put in your diet. One way to prevent cracks in your teeth is through getting away with foods that cannot be easily chewed such as hard caramels or candies.
  • Bruxism, a condition characterized by frequent teeth grinding or clenching at night is also one of the contributing factors of a chipped tooth. To aid this, better have it check with us at Clover Smile Studio. We can provide you with a customized nightguard to avoid harming your teeth.
  • Of course, between a strong and a weak tooth, the weaker one tends to be more susceptible to chipping. The teeth lose their strength due to some factors. It includes the excessive consumption of acidic foods and drinks, immoderate intake of alcoholic beverages, and frequent snacking of sugary treats.

Chipped teeth are often associated with pain when eating, sensitivity and even unpleasant taste or breath if left untreated. Once your tooth chips, seeking the help of the dental professional is the best approach. However, if it is impossible to do so right away, you can perform several steps to lessen the effects of the injury. If you feel any pain or discomfort, taking over the counter pain relievers can help.


Let us at Clover Smile Studio repair your chipped tooth! We offer Chipped Tooth Repair in Austin, TX. You may visit us at 16009 FM 1325 Suite 200 Austin TX 78728.

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