Dental Bridges in Austin, TX: Why Is It Necessary and Its Benefits

Tooth loss can happen to anyone even to people who observe proper dental hygiene practices. Factors for its occurrence can be natural causes, health condition, advancing age, and injuries. Missing teeth is more than just a cosmetic concern, leaving it unattended can lead to the development of oral complications. Thankfully, various options are now present due to the advances in technology.

At Clover Smile Studio, we help our patients restore their teeth with the use of dental bridges. To those who are unfamiliar with the procedure, here are some of the helpful information they should know about.


What are Dental Bridges?

A bridge is a type of dental prosthesis that, as its name implies, “bridges the gap” caused by missing teeth. Like any other restorations, it aims to closely resemble the appearance of the surrounding teeth for a natural-looking result. The prosthesis not only corrects the aesthetics of a person’s smile but also gives them the chance to enjoy the full function of their teeth.


Why is getting a dental bridge necessary?

Missing a tooth or two does not merely create unsightly gaps in the mouth. Each tooth has its own function, but they are all made to work together. Once a single structure is lost, the surrounding healthy teeth may shift in an attempt to fill in space. Even the teeth on the opposite jaw may move either upward or downward towards the gap.

As a result, unnecessary stress is applied to the teeth or jaws due to bad bites which can lead to pain. Crooked teeth can even create some areas on the mouth that can home bacteria and other harmful substances, putting the patient at higher risk for cavities or gum disease. Another thing is the bone will also begin to shrink due to the loss of stimulation from the teeth when chewing. If this happens, the patient is more likely to look older than their actual age.


Benefits of Dental Bridges

  • Bridges effectively offer a solution to both aesthetic and functional concerns.
  • The teeth are kept from moving out of their proper places by filling in the gaps caused by missing teeth.
  • Maintains overall facial structures by preventing the occurrence of bone loss.
  • The appliance stays in place in the mouth, unlike other removable restorations.
  • It helps patients retain their chewing and biting abilities.
  • Restores the patient’s confidence and self-esteem by providing a solution for their dental woes.


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Safe and Simple Ways to Whiten the Teeth – Austin, TX

Do famous people look good because they are famous, or are they famous because they look good? While there are probably different answers to this question, one thing is for sure; even regular people can have attractive and good looking smiles. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry!

In the age where more and more people want to achieve pearly whites like their favorite celebrities, various brands, kits, and techniques have emerged to promote outstanding results. But is it really effective, worth it, or safe?

While the popularity of teeth whitening procedure is continuously increasing, some people are still hesitant or even confused about the most effective type to use.

Moreover, there are also other safe and simple ways to whiten the teeth. Here is a list of tips to make the teeth whiter and healthier.

  • Foods and beverages with intense colors that can discolor clothes also do the same thing with teeth. Like the skin or a sponge, the teeth have pores that can absorb stains over time making it appear darker than it usually is. Avoiding the excessive consumption of these substances can lower the risks of discolorations.
  • Practicing proper dental hygiene practices at home can serve as the first line of defense against teeth yellowing. Using oral whitening products like toothpaste can get rid of surface stains.
  • Avoid the excessive intake of sugary and acidic foods as these can wear the enamel. If this occurs, it would little by little expose the dentin that is naturally grayish or yellowish.
  • While some foods can stain the teeth, there are others that can help maintain a bright white smile like certain fruits and vegetables.
  • Many whitening products are now readily available, but dentists do not recommend the use of some. They believe that it can cause more damage than good since it was not carefully prepared for each specific patients. Fortunately, there is one procedure that is proven safe, comfortable, and effective in providing whiter teeth. Professional teeth whitening from Clover Smile Studio, with the use of Zoom, is guaranteed to deliver favorable results.

The Zoom! Whitening system we perform is sure to provide up to eight shades whiter teeth and can be completed in a single visit that can last around an hour.


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Teeth Whitening Mistakes To Avoid

When people get ready to leave the house, one of the last things many of them do is to throw on some accessories to make a statement. What if there was one accessory that you simply had to flash in order to make your appearance “pop” and stand out? A bright white smile is one of the most attractive accessories that anyone can wear. You can take years off your appearance and make yourself appear more attractive by simply having a beautiful smile to wear and show off. Teeth whitening procedures and products are popular among Americans, with many people choosing professional whitening treatments or at-home products.

While professional teeth whitening procedures will produce the best results, many people choose to use at-home whitening products for the lower cost and convenience. It is true that these products can offer results, but it is important to avoid common mistakes that can damage your smile.

People often miss the simplest way to avoid damaging their teeth because they forget the role that their dentist plays in their oral health. Not asking your dentist before you choose to whiten your teeth at home is a big mistake. Your dentist knows the state of your teeth and your oral health. There are simply times when your teeth may not be healthy enough for whitening, and if you do not know this ahead of time, you can permanently damage your smile.

Using at-home whitening products incorrectly or inappropriately is also another main cause of damage to the teeth. Many people mistakenly assume that leaving a whitening product on “just a little longer” will boost the effects and whiten their teeth faster. In fact, opposite results can occur. Many people are left with uneven whitening, white spots on their teeth and gums, weakened tooth enamel that has a grayish hue, and extreme tooth sensitivity that affects them every time they eat or drink. By using whitening products as instructed, people can have success – but it does require reading the directions and following them!

Another common mistake is that people try a “one size fits all” approach. If using whitening trays is your method of choice, it is imperative that you have custom trays made for your mouth. Otherwise, the whitening gel will ooze out of trays that are too small or the whitening gel will not cover all of your teeth in trays that are too large.

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