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7 Reasons You May Choose Dental Sedation

Sleep dentistry has been a go-to option for patients for many years. Receiving IV sedation or another type of option can help to put you into a deep sleep while in the office. This allows treatment to go quicker and be less problematic for you if you show a fear of the dentist. If you’re considering sleep dentistry, it is important to consider these seven reasons for why it might be a good choice for you.

1. You’re Nervous About Visiting the Dentist
It is not uncommon to be nervous about visiting the dental office. If you have severe fear and anxiety over visiting the office, it might be time to consider IV sedation or another type to ensure that your experience is much more comfortable in the office.

2. You Don’t Want to Remember the Procedure
Some patients don’t want to remember the procedure and would rather be asleep while the work is being done. You might cringe at the sound of a drill or not like the feeling or pressure that you’re experiencing. Sedation can help to put you into a sleep-like state so that you won’t remember anything.

3. You Have a Disability
It’s not uncommon for patients with disabilities to find it difficult and even impossible to sit still in the dental chair. If you have a hard time sitting still for treatment, sedation can relax you enough to where you are able to have the procedure done without it becoming a problem.

4. Your Child is Fearful or Panicked Over the Dentist
Many kids are nervous about visiting the office and may fight to go to the dentist because of this anxiety. Sedation can help to make your children’s appointments a lot less problematic for you as the parent.

5. You’ve Been Putting Off Care
If you’ve been regularly putting off care, it might be time to consider sleep dentistry. This is a great way to relax in the office while still receiving the care that you need and want.

6. You Have a More Complicated Procedure to Be Done
For patients with more complicated procedures, sedation can make things so much easier for you. The procedure can be done while you’re asleep so that treatment is more effective and doesn’t require multiple visits.

7. You Need a Lot of Work
If you’re going to be having a lot of dental work done, sedation can benefit you in that it’ll prevent multiple trips to the dentist. Most of your work can be done in one convenient appointment while under IV sedation.

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